Dante Guarantee

Give a second life to your footwear. Our Dante Guarantee gives new life to your Dante models by restoring and enhancing them. Our lifetime warranty takes on a whole new meaning as we rebuild your pair of shoes to give you a whole new experience.

How does it work?

Bring or send your Dante to one of our boutiques where our artisans will work their magic. They will start by putting the shoes on the right last so that they retain their shape. Next, they will apply a new coat of paint, clean and polish, and finally, the shoes will come back to you like new.

We are proud to offer a sustainable solution to extend the life of your favorite shoes. Our unparalleled craftsmanship and quality ensure that your shoes receive the best care possible, bringing them full circle in their life cycle.

Steps to follow:

  • Contact us by WhatsApp, email or phone.
  • Send us photos of your Dante pairs that need renovation.
  • Our staff will evaluate if it is possible to renew your footwear.

The Dante renovation includes detailing and painting your footwear. If the damage is greater, our staff will contact you.

If any additional repairs are required, there will be an additional cost depending on the repair that is necessary.

  • The only cost you must cover is shipping your pairs to our factory and back to your home. Our staff will help you quote shipping with our parcel service, or you can select the parcel you want.
  • If you are in León Gto, you just have to take your pair to our boutique at no additional cost.
  • If you are in Mexico City, you can take your pair to our boutique and there you will be charged $300 round trip for each pair for renewal.

Make sure your shoes are clean to facilitate their assessment.

This renewal applies to any Dante footwear, as many times as necessary.

Restrictions apply.