New York Fashion Week F/22

On the dazzling stage of Fashion Week in New York, we presented our Fall 22—Legend collection, marking another milestone in Mexico's representation at the top of global fashion. Inspired by the cinematic epic "Dune", the collection emerges as a testimony of courage, strength and optimism.
Transcending borders, each design embodies the call to be legendary, standing out in memory in a unique way. Fashion Week becomes our stage to share this narrative of bravery and unique style, consolidating us as an unmatched force in the world of international fashion. With this second foray, we reaffirm our commitment to elevating Mexican fashion, fusing the rich artisanal heritage with a contemporary vision. Each piece in this collection is a statement of boldness and distinction that will resonate in fashion history. Traversing the sand and snow of the imagination, this collection is a call to embody the legend, to stand out in an unforgettable way and to transcend as pioneers in global fashion.
United, as a passionate community, we immerse ourselves in the essence of Legend and become protagonists of this extraordinary fashion story. From New York to the world, we celebrate individuality, creativity and timelessness in every step we take, solidifying our place as the undisputed ambassador of Mexican fashion on the international stage. Let's be Legendary together!
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