Milan Fashion Week F/W 24

We present our Pleasures collection, at Milan Fashion Week 2024 , an event that marks an exciting point in Dante's journey as a brand towards excellence and innovation. In collaboration with the prestigious Mexican brands Azul Cielito and LuckyUs, Placeres immerses itself in the exploration of the freedom and sensuality of contemporary women.
The parade took place in the majestic Palazzo Visconti, a setting that added a touch of elegance and sophistication to the show.
At the heart of this collection are the leather ankle boots and boots, which are true works of art fusing the bold with the elegant. With sensual pleats and bold embroidery , each pair of boots tells a story of empowerment and self-expression . From black tones that evoke mystery to rich cognac tones that awaken passions, Placeres offers a range of options for the woman who dares to be herself in all her splendor.
The show at Milan Fashion Week was an exciting moment for Dante, representing the culmination of a creative journey that celebrates beauty in all its forms. Each dramatic boot style is a tribute to the empowered woman who embraces her sensuality without reservation, a woman who walks with confidence and grace with every step.
With Pleasures , Dante not only presents a fashion collection, but a declaration of principles: empowerment and freedom are the true pleasures of life. We are delighted to share this vision with the world, representing women everywhere who refuse to conform and choose to shine with their own light.
Discover the sensuality and power of Placeres , the collection that redefines the meaning of fashion.
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